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Best Theme Builder For Elementor & Block Editor – AN Creatives

Best Theme Builder For Elementor & Block Editor – AN Creatives


Elevate your Elementor Website to unprecedented heights with our cutting-edge plugin, empowering you to craft bespoke layouts tailored to your unique needs. From dynamic post types to comprehensive blog archives, WooCommerce products, categories and 404, our versatile plugin transforms every aspect of your site into a captivating digital masterpiece. Say goodbye to bland default layouts and hello to personalized perfection as you seamlessly integrate your brand's style across every page and category.

But that's not all – with our AN Creatives plugin's shortcode option, you have the flexibility to implement your custom layouts anywhere on your site with ease. Whether it's embedding them within a page, sidebar, or even a custom post type, our shortcode functionality ensures that your designs shine bright no matter where they're showcased.

Official Site : ancreativeswp.com

Our Free Featured Theme Builder Elementor and Gutenberg

  1. Header – Create Custom Header Template
  2. Footer – Create Custom Footer Template
  3. Singular Pages – Create Template Singular Post, Pages, WooCommerce and Custom Post Type (CPT)
  4. Archives Pages : Create Template Archives Category, Tags, Custom Taxonomy (Terms)
  5. 404 Page : Create Template unique custom 404 Page

Before download any theme builder please check our plugin for Elementor and Gutenberg page Builder.

AN Creative Theme Builder For Elementor & Gutenberg is fully compatible and works seamlessly with all themes.

Using AN Creative Elementor Builder, Header, Footer, Singular and Archives Template Builder is a simple and powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to create a layout with Elementor and Gutenberg as below :
– Header
– Footer
– Singular
– Archive
– 404 Page

Header & Footer
You can design unique header and footer for your sites.

Singular Pages
Design each part of your blog post or product page or any CPT page.

Design your main blog page or product page or any CPT page the way you like.

Elementor Dynamic Widgets

  1. Post Title
  2. Post Content
  3. Post Image
  4. Post Author
  5. Post Comment
  6. Post Navigation
  7. Post Meta
  8. Site Logo
  9. Site Title
  10. Site Tagline

Elementor Extension
1. Display Conditions : your ticket to advanced customization and targeted content delivery. With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly control when and where your Elementor widgets and sections appear based on a wide range of conditions, ensuring a personalized experience for every visitor.

  1. Login Status
  2. User Role
  3. Browser
  4. Operating System (OS)
  5. Date
  6. Time
  7. Site Language
  8. String in URL
  9. URL Parameter

2. Glassmorphism : With this innovative extension, you can effortlessly incorporate the popular glass morphism effect into your Elementor designs, adding depth, elegance, and visual interest to every element.

Take your Elementor website to the next level with our Glass Morphism extension and elevate your design game like never before. Transform ordinary elements into extraordinary focal points that leave a lasting impression and set your website apart from the competition.

Extra More WP Performance Frontend

  1. Disable Dashicons
  2. Disable Emojis Script
  3. Disable Embeds
  4. Disable Password Strength Meter
  5. Remove RSD Link
  6. Remove Shortlink
  7. Remove wlwmanifest Link

Better Performance – Optimized code and modular architecture make AN Creatives the most lightweight plugin for a faster loading website!

Also, We have usefull tools for Designer and Developer. Please take a look AN Creatives Tools

  1. CSS Compress – Compressing CSS or minifying CSS refers to the process of removing unnecessary characters, spaces, comments, and line breaks from the CSS code without altering its functionality.
  2. JS Compress – JavaScript compressors typically employ techniques such as minification, which involves renaming variables to shorter names, replacing verbose function and variable names with shorter alternatives, removing unnecessary whitespace and comments, and applying other optimizations to make the code more compact without altering its functionality.
  3. Unminify HTML, CSS, JavaScript & JSON – Unminify tools take minified HTML, CSS and Java Script code and format it back into a more readable and structured form. This process involves adding indentation, line breaks, and sometimes restoring removed comments. , CSS and Java Script unminify tools are helpful for developers who need to understand or modify minified , CSS and Java Script code.
  4. Image Compress – Image compressor tools are online services designed to reduce the file size of images while maintaining acceptable visual quality.
  5. Image Crop – Crop image tools are online services designed to allow users to trim or remove unwanted parts of an image, leaving only the desired portion.

Need help with something? Have an issue to report? Visit AN Creatives

Page Builder’s Best Friend – AN Creatives works great with Elementor and Gutenberg page builders. Its support for custom layouts, Elementor templates.


  1. Upload the plugin and activate it
  2. Create Template Using AN Creatives -> Theme Builder
  3. Manage Condition


Will it work without Elementor page builder?

Yes. It work without Elementor

Will it work with any theme?

Absolutely. It will work with any theme where WordPress works.


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  • Added : Widget : Post Title dynamic
  • Added : Widget : Post Content dynamic
  • Added : Widget : Post Image dynamic
  • Added : Widget : Post Author dynamic
  • Added : Widget : Post Comment dynamic
  • Added : Widget : Post Navigation dynamic
  • Added : Widget : Post Meta dynamic
  • Added : Widget : Site Logo dynamic
  • Added : Widget : Site Title dynamic
  • Added : Widget : Site Tagline dynamic


  • Fixed : Bug Fix and Performance


  • Added : Wp Performance : Remove RSD Link
  • Added : Wp Performance : Remove Shortlink
  • Added : Wp Performance : Remove wlwmanifest Link
  • Fixed : Bug Fix and Performance


  • Added : Theme Builder : add ShortCode Load Template
  • Updated : Theme Builder : Preview Option Compatibility Of Elementor Builder
  • Fixed : Bug Fix and Performance


  • Initial version