Grupno uklanjanje postova iz kategorije


Bulk post editing vam omogućava da primenite akcije na određeni broj WordPress postova umesto da to radite ručno na svakom postu
što može biti dugotrajno, pogotovo ako imate veliki broj postova.

Međutim, default Bulk Editor vam omogućava samo da dodate kategorije u postove.
Ovaj dodatak proširuje default Bulk Editor tako da možete ukloniti Kategorije iz postova.

The plugin works with default Post type, Woocommerce products and any other Custom Post Type. Supports multiple taxonomies per post.

Slike ekrana

  • Skupno uređivanje postova - & gt; Dodaj u kategoriju.
  • Skupno uređivanje postova - & gt; Ukloni iz kategorije.


  1. Otpremite datoteke dodataka u direktorij / wp-content / plugins / plugin-name , ili instalirajte plugin direktno preko ekrana WordPress dodataka.
  2. Aktivirajte plugin preko ekrana ‘Plugins’ u WordPressu


Da li radi sa Woocommerce proizvodima

Plugin radi sa default Post type i Woocommerce proizvodima.

Da li radi sa custom post types

Yes. This plugin works fine with Custom Post Types.


5. Aprila 2021.
After creating a child category I wanted to remove the parent category from 30 posts. I finally searched for "how to remove a post category in bulk edit in wordpress" and and lo and behold the second result led me to his plugin. It works perfectly. I'm only sorry I didn't install this on all my client sites years ago. Kudos to the developer for giving us the functionality that really should be included in WordPress core.
3. Aprila 2021.
Perfect plugin it saved me a lot of time cleaning up duplicate categories, and reassigning post the right categories.
23. Marta 2021.
Hey thanks for this handy plugin. I probably will just activate as and when needed but I've just used it to save me some time removing a bunch of woocommerce products from a category. I still can't believe this functionality doesn't exist in WP core tbh. Thanks
19. Marta 2021.
We've been using this plugin for 6mo+, and it works with no problems for us. A lot of our products get imported through our inventory management software, which doesn't have a way to send the product category, so all products get categorized once they're imported to our Woo site. It's really handy to be able to categorize several hundred products, then remove all of them from the default category at once with this plugin. Thank you for creating and maintaining this!
25. Februara 2021.
This plugin looks pretty simple but it does exactly what I wanted. Why is this not a part of WordPress itself?! (@MasterNs, have you tried to contribute it?)
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  • Support for multiple post taxonomies


  • Prevent browser cache previous plugin versions


  • WordPress 5.5 compatibility


  • Custom Post Type support


  • Spreman za prevođenje


  • Dodana podrška za Woocommerce proizvode.


  • Prvo izdanje.