Grupno uklanjanje postova iz kategorije


Bulk post editing vam omogućava da primenite akcije na određeni broj WordPress postova umesto da to radite ručno na svakom postu
što može biti dugotrajno, pogotovo ako imate veliki broj postova.

Međutim, default Bulk Editor vam omogućava samo da dodate kategorije u postove.
Ovaj dodatak proširuje default Bulk Editor tako da možete ukloniti Kategorije iz postova.

The plugin works with default Post type, Woocommerce products and any other Custom Post Type. Supports multiple taxonomies per post.

Slike ekrana

  • Skupno uređivanje postova - & gt; Dodaj u kategoriju.
  • Skupno uređivanje postova - & gt; Ukloni iz kategorije.


  1. Otpremite datoteke dodataka u direktorij / wp-content / plugins / plugin-name , ili instalirajte plugin direktno preko ekrana WordPress dodataka.
  2. Aktivirajte plugin preko ekrana ‘Plugins’ u WordPressu


Da li radi sa Woocommerce proizvodima

Plugin radi sa default Post type i Woocommerce proizvodima.

Da li radi sa custom post types

Yes. This plugin works fine with Custom Post Types.


1. Februara 2023.
Works like a charm. Simple and easy without messing with anything but what I wanted to change. Exactly what I needed 🙂
28. Novembra 2022.
I acitvated this plugin for excatly 30 seconds to remove the Uncategorized category from all posts. Does exactly what it promised, great!
11. Oktobra 2022.
As far as I can tell, it is necessary to set custom taxonomies to 'hierarchical' => true, in order for this to work on the bulk edit screen. No problem in my case but I can see that being a hurdle for less experienced users. It also doesn't appear to use the taxonomy labels, so the prompt text is always "Remove from category", regardless of your taxonomy name. Still, it did the trick and avoided the stupid delete-and-rename trick we normally would have to have used.
8. Oktobra 2022.
First of all....Great Plugin! This plugin is a must-have for any WooCommerce shop. My team members and I would absolutely dread large edits of categories. Hours just wasted doing it manually. I just modified 300 products out of categories in a few minutes. Well done!
7. Oktobra 2022.
Had over 1,800 posts that needed to be removed from one category but left in another. Did them in batches of 100. Less than 10 minutes and I was finished. Probably will never use again, but sure glad it was there. Beats phpMyAdmin.
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“Grupno uklanjanje postova iz kategorije” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Zapis promijena


  • WordPress 6.0 compatibility
  • Fix : javascript issue that prevented functionality on Firefox and Safari browsers


  • Added additional Access-Control-Allow-Origin header in order to prevent AJAX errors


  • Support for multiple post taxonomies


  • Prevent browser cache previous plugin versions


  • WordPress 5.5 compatibility


  • Custom Post Type support


  • Spreman za prevođenje


  • Dodana podrška za Woocommerce proizvode.


  • Prvo izdanje.