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Core Vitals Monitor


Speedplussecurity.com Has Integrated Core Vital Monitoring Into Your WordPress Dashboard.

  • Speedplusecurity.com, a leading provider of core vital performance monitoring, introduces a monitoring plugin for wordpress. The basic version of Core Vital Monitoring will allow users to see desktop and mobile pagespeed scores from Google Page Speed Insights with scores updated weekly and alerts to notify users if the score dips below a point set by the user. The notification will popup in the wordpress dashboard with the option for email notification available.
  • In addition to page speed monitoring the Core Vitals Monitor plugin also watches out for the security of your site. If the grade, updated weekly,and obtained from securityheaders.com dips below a point set by the user, a notification is provided.
  • The basic free service allows for the monitoring of upto five different url's. This allows for the monitoring of sites most important pages. If you are interested in daily monitoring with up to 15 pages please consider upgrading to the premium edition.

What About Security?

*CVM does not use your site's databse and has no reference to your site's database, which makes the plugin not vulnerable to your site.
*CVM won’t interact with your site’s visitors. No data is collected.

Go Pro

*Ability to test more than five URLs.
*Email notifications when there is drop in site's performance standards.
*Premium version allows for daily updates and access to change the update interval.
*IP or location restriction to either frontend or backend.
*IP-rate limiting feature.
*Browser fingerprinting, TLS fingerprinting, and other Anti-bot techniques.

CVM is fully compatibe with any PHP supported platform. For non-wordpress usage, please check our page for more information

If performance scan results shows 0 or ‘-‘, please confirm the URL being tested is a valid link.

Please email us at idris@bequestmutual.com to get a link to the Github repository or you have suggestions for a new add-on.

Slike ekrana

  • Tools page. The scores on tables will be updated after every scan.
  • Setting the standard speed/security score.
  • Add/Edit webpages to be scanned.


Monitor your core vitals using the following steps to install Core Vitals Monitor (CVM):

  1. Install CVM automatically or by uploading the ZIP file.
  2. Activate the CVM through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. CVM is now activated.
  3. Use the “Key Metrics” submenu, located under the Tools menu, in the WordPress admin.
  4. Go to the settings tab and enter the URL's you want to monitor.
  5. Set the scores you would like to use as a benchmark.
  6. Click save changes to implement settings and start an immediate scanning.
  7. Optional- enter the email address you would like to be notified if your score dips below the chosen benchmark.
  8. Optionally, change your security level or adjust the advanced options to set individual scanning and protection options for your site.

Manual Installation

  1. Upload the core-vitals-monitor folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


Is CVM a free plugin??

Yes, the basic core vital monitoring plugin is free.
In addition to the free version, there is a premium version that allows for daily updates, addition al url's (15), and option to receive email notifications.

How often are CVM scores updated?

Scores are updated weekly. Premium users scores are updated on a daily basis.

Are CVM scoring tools proprietory?

No, CVM scores are obtained through Google Page Speed Insights and Securityheaders.com.
The value of CVM is the convenience of having the data continuously monitored and available in your WordPress dashboard.

Will the CVM plugin slowdown my site?

No material effect on performance.

Is the CVM plugin secure?

While security is a constantly evolving field, every precaution is being taken to eliminate any vulnerabilities.
In addition, CVM has no reference or connections to the databse.

Can CVM improve my scores?

No, the plugin only reflects your current scores. For a modest fee, speedplussecurity will contract with you to get your scores to an acceptable level.


24. Oktobra 2022.
This is a useful plugin- it saves time and keeps you alerted to your page speed and security scores. It hasn't affected performance negatively, so I'm all for it. I may even upgrade to the premium simply because if I say to myself, “I'll remember to check it myself for free,” I know I'll forget—moreover, the premium version updates daily rather than weekly. For less than 20 bucks a year, it seems worth it.
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1.0.0 (2022-10-05)

  • Initial public release of Core vitals Monitor plugin.