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Contact Form Builder For WordPress : #1 Free Contact Us Form Builder By Core37

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Contact Form Builder For WordPress : #1 Free Contact Us Form Builder By Core37


Contact Forms Builder by Core37: The new contact form builder that you've been looking for. Let's find out what you can do with it.

Build all kinds of forms, not just contact forms

No matter what you want to create: contact us forms or complex application forms (such as survey forms for a client schedule forms), core37 form builder is the right choice for you. The good news is there is no coding skill required to build forms with this plugin. One more thing, this online form builder is totally free.

Core37 contact form builder is a simple tool to help you build great contact form with ease. The interface is clean and straight forward. This approach make it easy to start create form without going though pages of documentation. If you have used other contact form builders before, you will find this one is easier to use.

Don't let the simple contact us form builder interface fool you. Core37 forms builder can be very powerful and flexible. You can build form with multiple columns. You can arrange elements on your page in the order you like. All of that is done without any coding skill.

Create complex contact forms using the rich set of form elements

Currently, the contact form builder contains simple elements such as Date input, number input, text, email, phone input. Messages boxes are done by the textarea element. You will also find checkboxes and radio buttons available allowing you build forms with multiple choices. One more interesting thing with Core37 form builder is that you can assign custom actions to certain elements on form. That means you can have a form which when you click on a checkbox, the form will submit. This feature may not be common but it can be handy at times.

Build awesome responsive contact forms by bootstrap based form builder

Nowadays, having forms work on multiple devices is vital for all webmaster. The days that forms only look good on desktop is far away. Core37 form builder uses the best responsive framework to make your form run smoothly across different devices (phones, tables, desktops, laptops) and browsers(Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Android browsers…)

Visually build your contact form with drag and drop builder

It is so easy to create a contact us form with Core37 Form builder. Simply create a layout for your form first then drag the needed elements. You can make a form quickly then see the result right in the editor.

Prevent spam with double spam protection

Spam is a serious problem that all webmasters have to deal with. We understand that problem deeply since we have websites too. That's why in Core37 form builder, you will find there is a built-in spam protection method that have a blank input field (which used by many other mail service around the world such as MailChimp, GetResponse). This method is not perfect but it can can prevent bots from submitting your contact form.

Set custom messages, after contact form submit URL

Normally, after submitting a contact form, users will see a default thank you message. Now you can custom that message for your form. In addition, you will also be able to set the URL that the subscribers will see after they submit. For example, you want them to see a thank you page, it is so easy to set up in Core37 contact form builder.

Custom templates available

This free contact form generator comes with different templates you can choose from. Simply switch the template selector then you can change the appearance of your form instantly.

Other than that, there are some more cool features of Core37 Contact Forms builder:

  • Input icons: You can select icon for your input fields. Such as envelop icon for email input, phone icon for phone input, url icon for URL input.
  • Built in front end validation: Using the best validation library, your visitors will know instantly what did they type incorrectly and correct it instantly.
  • Contact forms made by Core37 form builder allow your users to upload files, images and other documents.
  • You can add your form any where by using shortcodes. The code also works when you put it in a text widget in your sidebar.
  • Any form comes with hidden spam protection input. They are known as honeypot captcha. This method prevents bots from filling your contact forms
  • Core37 contact form builder supports Google's reCaptcha NO Captcha. Integration is super easy and you can get the captcha ready in your contact form in minutes
  • Add custom message to visitors after they submit your form: Rather than displaying
  • Receive real time email notification every time your contact form is submitted
  • All your contact information is store securely in database
  • Integrate mail sending function with Gmail. You can get notification to your inbox after a visitor submit the contact form by Gmail
  • There is no limit of number of contact forms you have on your website. You can also install this contact form plugin on as many sites as you need
  • Flexible stars rating for feedback contact form
  • You can also add images in your contact form if needed (pro feature)

Is this the best contact form builder for WordPress? Definitely not, at least for now. That's why we are working harder to bring you the best experience when building forms.

We are constantly adding features to our contact form builder. If you have any suggestions, please let us know at http://core37.com/contact

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Just extract and upload the plugin folder to wp-content/plugins/


Does this form builder support file upload?

Yes, it does. In fact, you can upload multiple files or single file. It's up to you

What kind of validation does the plugin offer?

Currently, the fields in form all have optional required checkbox. More validation such as length, value will be added soon

Where can I get support?

You can always contact us here http://core37.com/contact/. Also, we have a FAQ page where all common questions are answered here: http://core37.com/ufaq-category/form-builder/

Can I contact you via email?

Sure, please send an email to core37dev at gmail.com


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