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CW Step 2 Verification


This Plugin helps WordPress users to add an extra layer of security, Simply Download the Google Authenticator app on your android or iphone and scan the QR code under the user profile section. After you activate step 2 verification plugin in your website, now no need to worry even if your password is compromised


  • Easy to add and configure
  • Provide extra layer of security
  • Lite weighted
  • Feature update coming soon

Future Updates

Some improvements that I hope to make to the plugin:
* Adding more option for authentication like SMS or Email verification.


Slike ekrana

  • The Readme Generator Global settings admin screen.
  • The Readme Generator helper window on the page edit screen.


I've tried the plugin and it doesn't do what I want, help?

If you think the plugin doesn't work, please try contacting me and I will endeavour to help. You can either start a forum topic on the WordPress site or simply email me at anujtiwary3@gmail.com.


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Saradnici i programeri

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