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Post Type Converter


Adds meta boxes to all post types and allows you to convert the post type of the current post you are editing to a different post type. This very useful when doing an import from another site into one post type that then needs to be filtered into different post types or even to fill dummy posts throughout multiple post types.

Please refer to full documentation at https://github.com/voceconnect/post-type-converter/wiki.


Please refer to full installation instructions at https://github.com/voceconnect/post-type-converter/wiki.


If you have any issues with this plugin, please log them at the Github repo for this plugin.
This is done to centralize our issues and make sure nothing goes unnoticed.

The URL to log an issue is https://github.com/voceconnect/post-type-converter/issues.

See Frequently Asked Questions here: https://github.com/voceconnect/post-type-converter/wiki/Frequently-Asked-Questions.


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Please refer to full changelog at https://github.com/voceconnect/post-type-converter/releases.