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2. Februara 2023. 1 reply
Hi,I have a message that tells me that the export is done only the exported file is empty 0 bytes. Thanks for your help
16. Januara 2023.
Inadvertently installed an older version so when I imported my reviews (Shopify to Woocomemrce) only some showed up properly. Contacted support and they installed the new plugin and reimported for me and all works. The dates do across strangely but then you can go through and edit them in WooCommerce after import
14. Septembra 2021.
I started off by importing just a few reviews to see if I got all of my columns and data organized correctly. I deleted those test reviews and when I went to import my new reviews, dozens returned errors. The error messages were not specific. There was no obvious way to undo the import. Then, I logged onto MySQL to delete all of the reviews. I still got errors on import. The error said, “Skipped.” No info. I deleted everything again and tried again and then it worked. Idk. Probably would have been about as easy to just write the SQL myself…
20. Jula 2021.
Just make sure you convert your date formats before importing into the new site if you don't use the US date format by default!
15. Jula 2021.
Well what can I say: it did what it should and I could import all my comments from my old website.
11. Maja 2021.
This add-on works perfect! I have been able to migrate all the products, reviews, user and orders to perfection, only failed to upload 5 products, but I was able to create it manually. 100% recommend this plugin! Regards
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