NextGEN Custom Fields

Creates the ability to quickly and easily add custom fields to NextGEN Galleries and Images.

Shaun Alberts 2.000+ aktivne instalacije Testirano sa 3.9.40 Ažurirano 10 godina unazad

NextGEN Gallery Voting

Adds the ability for users to vote and rate your NextGEN Images. Simple options give…

Shaun Alberts 500+ aktivne instalacije Testirano sa 4.0.38 Ažurirano 7 mjeseci unazad

NGG Smart Image Search

NGG Smart Image Search provides a smart search and display functionality for images in selectable…

Harald Röh 500+ aktivne instalacije Testirano sa 6.0.6 Ažurirano 1 godina unazad

NextGEN Gallery ColorBoxer

One-click ColorBox lightbox integration with NextGEN Gallery. Only loads when a gallery shortcode is present.

Mark Jeldi 300+ aktivne instalacije Testirano sa 3.3.2 Ažurirano 12 godina unazad

NextGEN Gallery Search

Search a gallery within the NextGEN galleries including description search.

By the WWW... 200+ aktivne instalacije Testirano sa 4.2.36 Ažurirano 8 godina unazad

NextGEN Gallery Comments

This plugin add comments (form and list) in every NextGEN Gallery.

Roberto Cantarano 100+ aktivne instalacije Testirano sa 3.2.1 Ažurirano 12 godina unazad

NG Gallery Optimizer Modified

Improves your site's page load speed by preventing NextGEN's scripts & css from loading on…

Kiran Antony 50+ aktivne instalacije Testirano sa 3.5.2 Ažurirano 11 godina unazad

NextGEN Font Awesome On

Activate NextGEN Gallery’s enqueue of Font Awesome always on your site. Take advantage of an…

Scott Wyden Kivowitz 20+ aktivne instalacije Ažurirano 5 godina unazad

Tags for Media Library

Features for using taxonomy tags with Media Library. Also converts NextGEN Gallery images to WordPress…

Black 68 Charger, Magenta Cuda 20+ aktivne instalacije Testirano sa 4.8.23 Ažurirano 6 godina unazad


SideNails allow you to display a list of the last posts with a thumbnail, in…

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