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The Woo Store Vacation plugin is a perfect solution for online store owners who need to pause their business temporarily. Whether you need to take a break from managing your store or are unable to fulfill orders or respond to customer inquiries.

You can easily schedule a vacation period based on your local time. During this period, your shop will automatically pause, and customers will not be able to place new orders. However, your shop will reopen again at the beginning of the end date, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any potential sales or customers while you take a break. This feature provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your online store will resume normal operation automatically without any extra effort on your part. Additionally, if you decide to enable purchases during closing time, you can simply unselect the “Disable Purchase” checkbox. This allows customers to continue making purchases during your vacation period. With this feature, you have the flexibility to manage your online store based on your unique needs and circumstances.

The plugin is designed to have no negative impact on your site’s SEO. It does not add any meta tags, such as no-index, to your store, ensuring that your site’s search engine rankings are not affected while the vacation mode is activated. This means that you can confidently take time off without worrying about any negative effects on your online presence.

If you need to end your vacation early and want to reopen your store before the scheduled time, the plugin makes it simple to do so. You can easily deactivate the vacation mode whenever you want or reschedule the plugin to adjust your vacation period. This flexibility allows you to manage your online store with ease, knowing that you can make changes as needed.

The vacation notice feature lets you create a personalized automated message to inform users about important details while your shop is closed. You can include the start and return dates using smart tags {{start_date}} and {{end_date}}. Additionally, you can customize the notice’s color to match your site branding and add a call-to-action button that directs users to a specific page, like the contact page.

The vacation notice is initially visible on WooCommerce pages, including the shop and product pages. However, you have the option to add the notice to other pages on your site as well. If you use the core block editor or Gutenberg plugin, simply insert the Store Vacation Notice block to display the holiday message. For pages created with Elementor, use the Store Vacation Notice widget. Alternatively, in case you prefer the Classic Editor or other page builders like SeedProd or Divi Builder, you can use the [woo_store_vacation] shortcode to show the notice on any chosen page, such as the homepage, sidebar, or any other location.

To better distribute workload and responsibilities and create a collaborative environment for managing your online store, shop managers have access to the plugin settings to manage and edit vacation options.

This plugin is provided to handle multilingual sites with ease. It comes fully equipped with a configuration file to support WPML and Polylang plugins, making it translation-ready and easy to use for websites that cater to a global audience.

Overall, the Woo Store Vacation plugin is an essential tool for WooCommerce shop owners who need to take time off for personal or business reasons. By activating vacation mode, you can avoid negative reviews or damage to your reputation by providing clear communication to potential buyers about your availability and expected return date.

Unlock the full potential of your online store with PRO

Upgrade now and enjoy powerful features and customization options that are not available in the basic version.

With Woo Store Vacation PRO, you get access to the following features:

  • Schedule Multiple Vacations: You can schedule an unlimited number of vacation periods for any duration of time, so you can plan multiple breaks throughout the year and adjust vacation dates according to your schedule.
  • Recurring Weekly Closing Days: You can schedule specific weekdays to close your shop on a recurring basis each week, which is perfect for store owners who need to take time off regularly or want to adjust store hours on certain days.
  • Smart Conditional Logic: Use the Smart Conditional Logic feature to set specific conditions to a schedule that alter the vacation mode behavior to your unique needs. You can exclude or include certain products, categories, tags, shipping classes, product types, or WooCommerce brands from the vacation mode, which is particularly useful for allowing certain products to be purchased during closing time.
  • Exclude User Roles: Exclude specific user roles, such as administrators or shop managers, from the vacation mode, so you can keep your shop open for these users even when the vacation mode is activated.
  • Exclude Product Types: Exclude product types from vacation mode and keep selling certain types of products even when your store is closed.
  • Force Close: Use the force close feature to activate vacation mode without setting a specific schedule or end time, which is helpful for unexpected situations where you need to close your store immediately without prior notice.
  • Exclude Individual Products: Exclude individual products using the setting on the product edit page, so your shop can still accept new orders of those specified products when you close your shop using schedule a vacation, define weekday closing time, or enable force closed.
  • Import and Export: Import and Export features that allow you to quickly transfer your plugin settings and content to a new website, saving you time and avoiding manual configuration.

In addition, with the PRO version, you'll receive priority support from our team, ensuring you get the help you need when you need it. Upgrade to Woo Store Vacation PRO now and take your online store management to the next level. Visit our PRO page to learn more and purchase.

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  • Plugin’s settings page
  • User-Friendly datepicker
  • Displaying a notice at the top of shop page
  • Displaying a notice at the top of product page
  • Displaying a notice at the top of shop archive pages
  • Adding the Store Vacation Notice block to the editor
  • Adding the vacation notice shortcode to the Classic Editor
  • Adding the Store Vacation Notice Elementor widget to the page


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  • Store Vacation Notice


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 7.4 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater or MariaDB version 10.0 or greater.
  • WordPress version 5.3 or greater.
  • WooCommerce version 4.0 or greater.

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option — WordPress will handle the file transfer, and you won’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of the plugin, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu, and click “Add New.”

In the search field type “Woo Store Vacation”, then click “Search Plugins.” Once you’ve found the plugin, you can view details about it such as the point release, rating, and description. Click “Install Now,” and WordPress will take it from there.

Manual installation

The manual installation method requires downloading the plugin and uploading it to your webserver via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


Automatic updates should work smoothly, but we still recommend you back up your site.


Why should you use the Woo Store Vacation plugin?

You may want to use the Woo Store Vacation plugin if you need to temporarily close your store for various reasons, such as an illness, personal trip, family emergency, or to catch up on unfulfilled orders. You may also want to give your employees time off over a holiday weekend to improve their productivity. The plugin allows you to keep your entire store visible while disabling the actual shopping cart and checkout procedure, so no sales or transactions can be made during the vacation.

Will using the plugin hurt my store’s SEO ranking?

No, using the plugin will not hurt your store’s SEO ranking. The plugin keeps your entire store visible, so your search engine rankings are unaffected, and your customers can still browse products and plan purchases.

Where can I find the plugin’s settings page?

To access the plugin’s settings page, log into your WordPress website dashboard, and navigate to “WooCommerce” » “Settings” » “Store Vacation”.

How do I set up my vacation dates using the plugin?

To set up your vacation dates:
1. Navigate to “WooCommerce” » “Settings” » “Store Vacation”.
2. Check the “Enable Vacation Mode” checkbox to enable vacation mode in your shop.
2. Enter the “Start Date” (the first day your shop will be closed).
3. Enter the “End Date” (the first day your shop will be re-opened).
4. Optionally, fill in a temporary shop announcement or vacation message.
5. Click “Save Changes”.

What does the “Disable Purchase” checkbox do?

Enabling the “Disable Purchase” option will disable eCommerce functionality and take out the cart, checkout process, and add to cart buttons, thus disabling purchases for all users, whether they’re logged in or not.

Why is the vacation notice not appearing on my website?

Your store notification will display on your shop and single product page(s), letting your customers know you are on vacation.

However, you can add the vacation notice on any specific page by adding the Store Vacation Notice block to the page content or using the [woo_store_vacation] shortcode instead.

How can I get help with the plugin?

The easiest way to receive support is to visit the Community Forums page and create a new topic. Be sure to check the “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” checkbox to receive notifications as soon as a reply is posted to your question or inquiry.

Is the plugin compatible with multilingual websites?

Yes, absolutely. The plugin has been designed to be translation-ready and comes with a configuration file that fully supports WPML and Polylang plugins.

Can I contribute to translating the plugin into a new language?

Yes, certainly! The plugin has been made translation-ready and localized using the GNU framework, and we welcome translators who would like to contribute to the plugin. You can visit the WordPress translation website to get started. Here’s the link →

How can I contribute to this plugin?

We welcome contributions in various forms, such as bug reporting, testing, and providing detailed feedback. You can check out our GitHub development repository for more information.

What is your opinion about the concept behind this plugin?

If you enjoyed using this plugin, we would greatly appreciate your feedback in the form of a 5-star rating. Your rating will help us improve and continue providing high-quality services. Thank you!

Does Woo Store Vacation have a pro or premium version?

Yes, it does. The Woo Store Vacation PRO is available as an upgrade and offers additional features and third-party integrations.


18. Aprila 2023. 1 reply
I like it. Free version is perfect for me 🙂
2. Aprila 2023. 2 replies
What this proposes to do, should be fairly straightforward. Unfortunately, the setup page is non-sensical. What is the "Button Text" for? What is the "Button URL" for? Why are those there? There's no explanation.Also, the shortcode that you can supposedly add to any page, sounds like a great idea. If it worked, it would be an even better idea. I've already had multiple customers asking me why they can't order my products, because there's no message on the Shop page, and no message on any of the product pages. I'd have been better off just letting people order, sending them a message saying, "I'm out for a week, sorry for the delay while I enjoy holding your money!" Edit: I finally got it to work. The boilerplate text that's in the "Vacation Notice" edit box isn't actually usable, as is. You HAVE to edit it, even if those words are exactly what you want to say. If you leave that default text untouched, even though it looks like it's been edited, the plugin doesn't display any message, or even an empty box (which would have been a clue that I needed to add text). The "Button Text" and "Button URL" apply to the button that appears within the vacation message box, IF you add some vacation text.
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  • Feature: Add support for {{start_date}} and {{end_date}} smart tags.
  • Feature: Add “Store Vacation Notice” widget for Elementor.
  • Compatibility: WordPress 6.2.1
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 7.7


  • Feature: Allow the “Shop Manager” role to edit plugin settings page.
  • Compatibility: WordPress 6.2
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 7.6


  • Feature: Vacation notice can be displayed using the “[woo_store_vacation]” shortcode or editor block.
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 7.4


  • Feature: Add “woo-store-vacation-shop-closed” class to the body element when shop is closed.


  • Tweak: Ensure compatibility of HPOS support with PHP 7.4


  • Feature: Add support for HPOS (High-Performance Order Storage)
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 7.3


  • Tweak: Improved logic in displaying admin-notices.


  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 7.2


  • Update author URI.


  • Compatibility: WordPress 6.1
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 7.1
  • Fix: Account for time when comparing dates.
  • Fix: Support local timezone.


  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 6.8


  • Compatibility: WordPress 6.0
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 6.5


  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.9
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 6.2


  • Compatibility: PHP 8.0


  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.8
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 5.5


  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.7
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 5.1


  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.6
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 4.8
  • Tweak: Improved data sanitization/escaping.
  • Tweak: Updated upsell notice markup/ID. Kudos to @nicomollet


  • Tweak: Removed minimum date from the datepicker module.
  • Fix: Bail early, in case the store closing request is for an administrative interface page.


  • Fix: Multiple code standards improvements.
  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.5
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 4.4


  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 4.3


  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.4


  • Feature: Add language configuration file to support WPML/Polylang.
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 4.2.0


  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.4
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 4.1


  • Fix: Multiple code standards improvements.
  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.4
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 4.0.1


  • Fix: Delay purchasable filter to run AFTER all other hooks have completed preventing from getting overridden by a third-party extension.
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 3.9.2


  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 3.9


  • Fix: Fatal error while submitting store vacation dates via a non-Latin calendar.
  • Fix: Altered vacation notice z-index value to prevent overlap with core notifications.
  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.3
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 3.8


  • Tweak: Minor changes.


  • Tweak: Update WooCommerce hook names.


  • Fix: Miscalculation of “strtotime” method.


  • Fix: Miscalculation of “strtotime” method.
  • Compatibility: WordPress 4.9


  • Feature: Add custom datepicker stylesheet file.


  • Feature: Add button text and URL fields to the plugin settings page.


  • Feature: Add start date to close the shop immediately.
  • Feature: Add color picker controls to customizer background and text color.
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 3.0


  • Tweak: Update hooks for shop and single product pages.


  • Feature: Add screenshot images.


  • Fix: Miscalculation of “strtotime” method.


  • Initial release.