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WordPress SEO Locations


WordPress SEO Locations was built by developers, for developers. Over at Matmon Internet Inc., we live and breathe WordPress. To help speed up our development process, we needed a simple overrideable plugin that would make it easy to display one or multiple locations with proper Schema.org markup, Google Static Map images, and links to directions in Google Maps. WordPress SEO Locations is that plugin. Our goal is to provide WordPress developers a bare bones SEO location plugin that just works. There are no styles to override, and customizing the HTML output for your specific needs is quick and simple. For usage information and and pull requests, head over to GitHub.

Slike ekrana

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  • settings.png



  1. Download wp-seo-locations
  2. Copy the wp-seo-locations folder into your plugins folder
  3. Activate via the Plugins Administration page
  4. Add your preferences via Settings->Locations in the WP Admin


  1. Search for “wp-seo-locations” in the “Add New” plugins page.
  2. Find “WordPress SEO Locations” and click the “Install Now” link.
  3. Activate via the Plugins Administration page
  4. Add your preferences via Settings->Locations in the WP Admin


Q Why did you use the geocoding API to retrieve the latitude and longitude for each location?

While we could have easily passed the location\'s address into the Static Maps URL, we recognized that our future plans of implementing embeded JavaScript maps would require a latitude & longitude. Since calls to the geocoding service only happen when you \”Post\” or \”Update\” a location, unless you are doing something fishy, it\'s highly unlikely you will exceed usage limits.


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Saradnici i programeri

“WordPress SEO Locations” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Zapis promijena

0.0.3 to 0.0.8

Working on the Deployment process and adding screenshots to wordpress.org


  • schema.org/Place with address, not just schema.org/PostalAddress.
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number

0.0.1 (Extreme Alpha)

  • Locations Post Type
  • Settings Page
  • Schema.org markup
  • Google Static Maps
  • Google Geocoding for latitude & longitude