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Od htmlpie

Verzija: 1.4.0

Posljednje ažuriranje: 1. Decembra 2020.

Aktivne instalacije: 3.000+

WordPress verzija: 4.8 ili novija

PHP verzija: 5.6 ili novija

Početna stranica teme

Pen is a Full Version multipurpose WordPress theme with tons of features, classic and masonry layouts, multiple color schemes and fonts, including dark and flat styles, for your whole site or individual widgets or content. It has over 450 customization options and beautiful animation effects, making it easy to customize every aspect of your website, blog, or WooCommerce shop. Unlike many themes, you can also customize various parts of this theme for individual posts, pages, or WooCommerce products with only a few clicks. Check out the "Pen Options" section under your content editor (either Gutenberg or classic) and you will be surely excited to see the new way of creating and reusing page templates.

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